Thanks to advances in dentistry Sydney Laser Dental Care offers patients the convenience and precision of CEREC restorations. In this article we’re going to explain what is CEREC dentistry and how you can benefit from it as a patient.


What is CEREC Dentistry?

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetics Ceramics or CERamic REConstruction. This kind of dentistry has revolutionised the way we can perform restorations, as it enables us to make use of CAD/ CAM software to create more efficient impressions of teeth, and create a restoration in just one visit.

Typically restorations like crowns, inlays and veneers would take at least two visits to your dentist without the use of CEREC technology. On your first visit your dentist would take impressions of your mouth and teeth, and these would need to be sent away to a laboratory for your crown or veneers to be created. You would have to wear a temporary crown or restoration while you wait for your permanent restoration to be created. You would then need to wait a week or so before you would need to return to have your restoration fitted and adjusted.

CEREC technology can be used for the production of restorations such as crowns, onlays and veneers. Using traditional methods these could take a few weeks to produce if sent to a laboratory to be made.


What Can You Expect From CEREC Dentistry?

First your dentist will prepare your tooth before taking a digital photograph. The digital photograph will then be changed into a 3D model. Your dentist will make use of CAD/CAM technology to craft the final restoration. A CEREC mill will then craft the solid piece of ceramic into the size and shape of the 3D render. Your dentist will check that the restoration fits your mouth well before polishing it and bonding it to your tooth.


What Are The Benefits Of CEREC Technology?

  • More convenient dentistry

Making use of the CEREC system makes dentistry more convenient for the patient. It means you won’t need a temporary restoration and you can leave the dental office the same day with your permanent restoration.

CEREC Dentistry

  • More Affordable dentistry

The CEREC system can cut out a lot of costs because your dentist won’t need to hold stock of vast quantities of impression-taking material. It also means the laboratory fees and expenses are no longer required, which can translate into a more affordable end product for the patient.


  • Stronger, longer lasting restorations

The CEREC system is crafted from a solid block of ceramic, rather than a combination of ceramic and pressed metal. This makes CEREC restorations more robust in terms of withstanding the forces of biting and chewing. According to a study in the International Journal of Computerised Dentistry, 87.5% of CEREC restorations lasted for more than 27 years. CEREC restorations are also well regarded for a superior fit. Because they make use of computer-guided technology your dentist can ensure the restoration fits the grooves of your teeth very well, so there aren’t any gaps for bacteria to get into and cause further tooth decay or gum disease.


  • It’s more comfortable

The traditional method of casting an impression was inconvenient and messy. The CEREC method is much cleaner and slicker, and making use of digital technology means there is less room for human error. You will also avoid wearing a temporary crown altogether. Temporary crowns can be uncomfortable and ill-fitting.


  • A natural and high quality effect

CEREC crowns and veneers are crafted from porcelain. This means they look natural and match the other teeth in your mouth. Furthermore, your dentist does not need to remove as much of your healthy tooth surface as would be required if you opted for traditionally crafted restorations. CEREC restorations are also metal-free which makes side effects and allergies less likely. Metal-based restorations can become toxic and cause complications in the body.


  • Retain more of your natural tooth

Maintaining a large part of your natural tooth structure is a very important benefit of the CEREC system that shouldn’t be overlooked, along with the fact that the restorations are so long-lasting. Remember that every time you have a filling or a crown redone, more of your tooth surface has to be worn away so if your restorations do not last for very long, over the course of your lifetime, you will lose a great deal of your tooth surface when they are replaced. Not needing to remove a lot of tooth enamel, coupled with a longer lasting restoration means that you can retain more of your natural tooth.


A tried and tested approach to dentistry

CEREC has been in the business of optimising dentistry for more than 30 years and has the track record to prove it. CEREC technology makes use of computer-generated software to improve on general and cosmetic dentistry to deliver a superior end result that more patients can afford.

Sydney Laser Dental Care is pleased to be able to offer our patients the sophistication of the CEREC system to achieve their dental goals. This a major cost-saving and convenient dental system that can make a world of difference to your dental treatments and restorations in the future.


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