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If you’re looking for a Sylvania Waters dentist to serve the needs of you and your family, then we’d like to warmly welcome you to Sydney Laser Dental Care.

Our Sylvania Waters dental clinic is one of three great locations where we offer preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments designed to help you to fully maximise your oral health.

So whether you’re overdue a dental check-up, have a niggling tooth problem that needs addressing, or you would like to improve the look of your smile, we have you covered.

Sylvania Waters dentists

Why choose us as your ‘go-to’ dentist in Sylvania Waters?

Across our three state-of-the-art dental practices, we’ve created an inviting environment for patients. From a comfortable reception area through to treatment rooms packed with the latest technology, we aim to provide you with some of the highest quality dental care in Sydney. This is quality dentistry delivered by experienced dentists with a caring nature and a gentle touch.

Moreover, we strive to make quality dental treatments affordable with our competitive pricing and flexible payment plans. So if you are seeking a Sylvania Waters dentist who is dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and as stress-free as possible, then give us a call.

About our Sylvania Waters dental practice in NSW

Ideally situated in the Sylvania Waters Shopping Centre near Murrumbidgee Avenue, patients have access to plenty of on-site parking. Step inside our dental practice and you’ll find modern and contemporary surroundings designed with the patient in mind.

From our highly-skilled, patient-focused team to our fully equipped treatment rooms, everything is geared towards making your dental visit the best it can be.

Our Sylvania Waters dentist is highly experienced across a wide range of dental disciplines and regularly undertakes training, education and development. This ensures that all patients receive the latest treatments and techniques.

Furthermore, when dental procedures are required, our dentist in Sylvania Waters will develop an individualised but comprehensive treatment plan to bring about the desired result.

Finally, if you can’t make a weekday appointment because of other commitments, then it’s good to know that our Sylvania Waters dental practice is also open on Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm for your convenience.

About our technology in Sydney

At our Sylvania Waters clinic, technology is at the forefront of everything we do. As such, our Sydney dentists in NSW invest in only the best equipment to make treatments more comfortable, more streamlined and in many cases, better for patients.

This includes technology such as:

Advanced laser treatment

Waterlase technology allows us to perform a wide range of dental procedures that may otherwise be carried out using invasive dental drills and needles. Combining laser energy and a spray of water, Waterlase treatment on bone, teeth or gums can be carried out without damaging any surrounding tissues. This makes for a more comfortable patient experience and a speedier recovery.

Digital Intraoral devices

Our Sylvania Waters dentist also makes full use of digital intraoral devices. Our intraoral camera, for example, can quickly scan the mouth and highlight any problem areas. These may be areas that can’t always be seen with the naked eye. For patients in Sylvania Waters NSW, it means a speedier diagnosis, leading to better and cost-effective treatment.

In addition, intraoral scanners do away with conventional, gag-inducing impression taking, in favour of a digital scan of the mouth. This is reconstructed in accurate 3D onto a computer screen so that restorations can then be made. The whole process is faster, more accurate and cleaner, making restorative treatments better and more comfortable for patients.

Same-day CEREC technology

Our dentist in Sylvania Waters also makes use of the latest CEREC technology to create accurate and lifelike dental crowns and veneers. These are milled using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, taken from an original 3D impression. Sylvania patients no longer have to wait several weeks to receive a quality restoration. Instead, they get a natural-looking and long-lasting crown, designed and fitted that same day! How’s that for service?

Dental Clinic in Sylvania Waters

About our treatments

Our Sylvania Waters dentist has everything local residents need to meet their dental requirements. We offer an array of services from kids dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments to complex full-mouth reconstructions and everything in between.

So feel free to contact our Sydney dentists when your child is due their first dental check-up, if you have a chipped dental crown, or if you fancy brightening up your smile with the latest laser teeth whitening. Whatever your dental needs, our Sylvania Waters dentist and their team deliver high-quality dental care at affordable prices.

Some of the treatments our Sylvania waters dentist offers, include:

If you would like to find out more about any of the treatments then don’t hesitate to contact our Sylvania Waters dentist.

Alternatively, if you are a Sydney resident new to the 2224 area or are simply looking to change dentist, then call our Sydney Laser Dental Care clinic today on (02)9159 6083 and book an appointment. On behalf of Dr Lawrence Lau and Dr Gloria Shih, we look forward to welcoming you to our Sylvania Waters dental clinic.

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