If your mouth is overcrowded and has forced your teeth to become misaligned, you might be wondering if you can improve the look of your smile without getting time-consuming orthodontic treatment. One solution may be dental veneers for crooked teeth. This cosmetic treatment can help to achieve a straight, even, and beautifully white smile to be proud of. 


What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth-coloured materials typically made to measure in a laboratory and take a minimum of two dental visits to complete. However, as Sydney Laser Dental Care has the latest CEREC technology, we can also offer patients exquisite veneers completed in just one dental appointment.

Veneers are used to disguise cosmetic imperfections on the teeth, such as chips and discolouration, and improve the teeth’ shape and size. However, they have become an increasingly popular option for people with mildly crooked teeth to choose as an alternative to braces. 

Crooked teeth are a serious matter for many people. Not only do they affect their appearance, but they can affect their self-esteem, hindering social and professional relationships. But, no matter how old you are or the condition of your teeth, it’s never too late to fix your smile—and dental veneers may be just the right solution for you. 



How can dental veneers fix crooked teeth?

Permanent dental veneers are often made from porcelain—a hard-wearing material used in tooth restorations for over a century. It’s important to note that dental veneers are a purely cosmetic treatment. They cannot correct the alignment of the teeth, but they can make a smile look straighter and whiter. Often referred to as instant orthodontics, porcelain veneers offer a quick fix for crooked teeth, although the teeth remain the same underneath the veneers. Porcelain veneers for crooked teeth can help patients achieve natural-looking and hard-wearing results.

With the latest technology, we can create porcelain veneers that are perfectly crafted to revamp your smile and improve the appearance of your crooked teeth with minimum fuss. 


What is the process for receiving veneers for crooked teeth?

The process is simple. After a consultation where we discuss your concerns and goals, we will examine your mouth to determine if any underlying dental health issues prevent you from having porcelain veneers fitted to your teeth. If you don’t have a clean bill of oral health, you may need to undergo additional treatments before getting veneers.

Next, we will discuss the desired outcome and how many porcelain veneers are required to achieve this. Once we have agreed on the course of action, the next step is to prepare the teeth receiving the veneers.

For porcelain veneers to fit flush with the smile, the dentist will need to remove a thin sliver of tooth enamel (the same thickness as the veneer) from the teeth being covered with veneers. An impression is then taken of the teeth from which the custom veneers will be made in a dental lab. With traditional veneers, the patient will be fitted with temporary ones while they wait for their permanent ones to come back from the lab. But with CEREC veneers, there is no need for temporaries as the veneers are made while patients wait and will be fitted by the dentist the same day. A second visit will be required for traditional veneers to fit the permanent veneers. 


How many dental veneers will I need?

The number of veneers required for crooked teeth varies. If you are undergoing a complete smile makeover, 12 or more porcelain veneers would not be unusual – particularly if you want them on the upper and lower teeth.

For most patients, the objective is to create a natural smile that straightens their crooked teeth to achieve harmony and balance that complements their faces. In many cases, this can be achieved with as little as 4 veneers placed on just the teeth visible in the smile line. 


Can anyone with crooked teeth have porcelain veneers?

teeth crook dental veneers pyrmontDental veneers are suitable for mild to moderate cases of crooked teeth. If you have severe malocclusion problems, orthodontics is likely to be the best treatment.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental veneers. It’s worth noting that porcelain veneers require that the tooth structure be altered, which is irreversible. In other words, once a person has veneers, they must be prepared to maintain them and replace them when necessary for the rest of their life.

Furthermore, if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), veneers may not be the best option, as teeth grinding can damage them. 


The bottom line

Veneers for crooked teeth can be a great way of creating the smile of your dreams while giving your confidence a boost. When placed by an experienced cosmetic dentist, they produce fantastic natural and long-lasting results. According to multiple studies, porcelain veneers can last for around ten years on average, and one study showed that they lasted as long as 20 years.

Why not schedule a veneers appointment with the experienced dentists at Sydney Laser Dental Care. We have some fantastic offers on our veneers packages, so don’t miss out! 

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