Cerec crowns, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, have revolutionised restorative dentistry, offering patients an efficient and affordable way to restore their teeth. Because we like to offer our patients balanced information,  we are going to take a closer look at CEREC crowns pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about your dental health.


What Is A Dental Crown And How Do CEREC Crowns Differ?

It’s essential to treat tooth decay or a damaged tooth with a cap or crown because ignoring it will lead to further decay or infection. Untreated tooth decay can expose your tooth’s roots, which can lead to the development of a dental abscess over time. An untreated infection will not stay confined to that tooth and runs the risk of spreading to your other teeth and infecting your gum and jaw bone.

A traditional dental crown or cap as it is sometimes referred to, is a large tooth restoration that covers or caps a tooth or a dental implant. Explore in more detail. A dental crown will be recommended if you have a large cavity or have broken off a substantial portion of your tooth.

CEREC crowns are crafted in your dentist’s office and are created through the use of CAD software. For the patient, this means that your crown is ready in just a few minutes, without the delay of having an impression made up and sent to a dental laboratory. 

Even though we can go through the pros and cons, there is no objective “best” option for everyone. What works best for you will depend on your personal circumstances.


What Are the CEREC Crowns’ Pros And Cons?


The Pros Of A CEREC Crown


Have A Dental Crown Made In The Same Day

CEREC crowns are milled from a solid block of porcelain and can be made in your dentist’s office using the specialised software. 

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This means your tooth can be restored to full function on the same day you visit your dentist for help and you don’t need a temporary filling or a sub-par restoration while you wait for your final crown to be ready. In some cases, this can add a delay of two to three weeks.

In the case of dental implants, patients would need to have a temporary fitting made while they wait for the crown to be crafted, and then would be asked to return for the final crown to be fitted. 

Having a high quality porcelain crown made in the same day means a much higher quality of dental care and more efficient and convenient service.


Have A Very Realistic And Natural Crown

Using dental software for dental restorations means that you have a greater chance of matching the colour of your natural teeth perfectly. With the human eye, irrespective of how experienced the dentist may be, there is always the margin for human error, which is a very real consideration. This means your CEREC crown is much more likely to match your other teeth and be less noticeable to the people around you.


Wear A More Comfortable Crown

Temporary crowns are usually crafted from resin, which many patients find uncomfortable and bulky in their mouths. A porcelain crown is generally more comfortable to wear.  In the event that your traditional crown needs to be adjusted, it will need to be sent back to the laboratory, which adds a further delay in completing your treatment. 


Avoid Dental Putty And Get A More Accurate Impression

Because CEREC crowns make use of 3D CAD software and not dental putty, patients can look forward to a more accurate and higher quality cap at the end of the day (quite literally). Dental putty is uncomfortable for the patient and a messy substance for the dental practitioner. CEREC’s 3D software is a much more sophisticated way to go about creating a dental impression. 


The Cons Of A CEREC crown


A CEREC Crown May Not Be As Durable As A Traditional Crown

Traditional crowns make use of a metal base with a porcelain cap, while a CEREC crown is made from porcelain entirely. A metal base can add a level of solidity and greater structure to the crown.


CEREC Crowns May Not Be The Ideal Choice For Front Teeth

Traditional crowns and caps are more detailed than a CEREC crown, which often makes them more suitable for use on the front teeth or in areas where the cap will have greater visibility. This often comes down to the skill level of the dentist but it may be said that the laboratory could add a greater level of detail to the crown. 


CEREC Crowns May Not Be Suitable For Every Case

If your tooth has broken below the gum line there is a chance that a CEREC crown will not be effective because the 3D scanner will not be able to scan it. In these cases, it’s quite possible that your dentist would recommend a traditional cap. 

If you’d like to discuss CEREC crowns pros and cons in more detail, it’s probably time to make an appointment so we can discuss what will work best for you as an individual. Please contact us for an appointment

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