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Improvements in dental health have meant that today, the need for fillings generally is on the decline. Thorough, regular cleaning of your teeth, together with regular dental check-ups and a healthy diet can help to eliminate dental decay and avoid the need for fillings.

When you do require fillings at Sydney Laser Dental Care we only provide natural, biocompatible tooth coloured fillings. Called composite resins, these materials are placed into the cleaned cavity, they look like natural teeth, are able to be used immediately and highly durable.

Replacing your old amalgam fillings with new state of the art tooth coloured fillings.

Old amalgam (mercury) fillings not only look unsightly but can often leak. There is ever increasing evidence to show that these old amalgam fillings may be leeching into our bodies and maybe harmful for us. Numerous countries around the world have either banned or restricted the use of amalgams in the population.

At Sydney Laser Dental Care we have long ago made the decision to be an amalgam free practice. We adhere to strict protocols in the safe removal of old amalgam fillings. By placing a barrier on the tooth with the amalgam filling we can safely capture and remove all the amalgam/mercury without risk of contamination. Being amalgam free we not only serve our patients better, it is also better for the environment.

So when you are tired of seeing your old silver and black fillings and want a better solution our team can suggest the safe removal of these old amalgam (mercury) fillings and replacing them with new tooth coloured fillings, safely and with better treatment outcomes.





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