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What is CEREC?

CEREC DentistryCEREC is an advanced computerised system that enables us to create and place highly detailed tooth-coloured fillings and restorations. Now we have a single visit filling material which is strong, looks good and wears well, for a long time.

CEREC takes a 3D digital model of your tooth on a computer, and then makes a porcelain restoration to replace your missing tooth.

Your new restoration starts with a block of ceramic which has been engineered to be almost identical to human enamel. A computer-driven robot then shapes the ceramic into a perfectly fitting, beautifully aesthetic porcelain inlay.

Because the block is manufactured under industrial conditions, the ceramic is free of imperfections, leading to very strong porcelain inlays that are extremely durable.

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The Benefits of CEREC

With CEREC we can create porcelain inlays, crowns or cosmetic veneers in just a single visit, without the need for impressions, temporary fillings or crowns, or multiple appointments.

CEREC restorations are an extremely natural looking alternative to fillings. Custom-made from porcelain for strength, they are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

Unlike conventional fillings, which require the removal of large amounts of healthy tooth, with the precision of CEREC only the damaged portion of your tooth needs to be removed.

CEREC Dentistry

Before Cerec

CEREC Dentistry


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